Wake up!!!!!!! Eritrea is reoccupied by Ethiopians!!!!!! Back to armed struggle........there is no other alternative!

Inna Lillah Wa Inna Eillahi Raje'oon

08 Jun 2017

Our beloved uncle Nurhussien Mohammed Hagos Abera had passed away this morning, June 6th of 2017, after a prolonged illness. He will be buried tomorrow, June 8th, in Maryland (Washington DC area).

Mr. Nurhussein Abera graduated with a degree in law from the University of Cairo in 1953, which led him to become a prominent intellectual of his day. The presence, the guidance and the inspirations of my dearest uncle will be remembered by me now and forever.


He was one of Asmarino Jeberti’s and among few students who graduated in Law School from University of Cairo in 1953. He and his late brother, Dr. Yassin Mohammed Hagos Abera, have acquired remarkable reputations as scholars.


He and Dr. Yassin had a plan to change the education system for young Eritreans  and provide them a high quality education. But, due to the political situation at the time, the Haile Sellasie Regime had deprived Eritreans of the opportunity to  pursue quality education.


Nurhussien Aberra was known to encourage young Eritrean Muslims to pursue their education. When the Eritrean politics became worse and worse, he had migrated to USA.