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Who is Tadesse Chamo (Weddi Chamo)?

20 Feb 2017

Tadesse Chamo is former freedom fighter of EPLF organization. Even though he is from the low rank officials, he has direct contact with the Eritrean President, Dictator Esaias Afeworki. As a result, he is one of the officials that belittle their leaders and has all the power to detain and kill innocent people as he wishes. Weddi Chamo has very bad reputation while working as a security agent and has committed several crimes against local people in different parts of the country. He came to the kunama land (Erkulami) four years ago for his devilish duty with the title of head of platoon. As a result, he resided in Gonye subzone in a kunama village called Dase; thirty kilometers from Barentu town, and started to organize and lead the security squad, the civil administration and the local village elders with their militia forces and military regiment 57 as a whole. The atrocities and crimes Weddi Chamo has committed around Dase area and against Kunama people were:-