I bet you’ve never heard of at least half of these 100 Eritreans who made the news in recent years

30 Nov 2016

Many, if not most of you will have heard of HONY, Brandon Stanton’s Humans of New York website and its associated social media outlets. A little over a year ago, HONY was highlighting the plight of Syrian refugees and eliciting heart-warming compassion from its readers. I too was touched by HONEY’s reportages. I was inspired to think about what I could do to motivate my compatriots to focus on what makes us, Eritreans, humans of shared destiny. Something that hasn’t been done. Something that brings out the warm-and-fuzzy in us as it relates to our shared history without trivializing our current challenges or absolving us from tackling them. That line of thinking ended up becoming the genesis of the issue I am writing about, the story of humansoferitrea.com.