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Isayas: From Confrontation to Avoidance

11 Nov 2016

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Isayas has been suiting everything to his whims commending and condemning or avoiding and compromising or admitting and denying in order to benefiting the vision for his tyranny.  As powerful as he is, nothing lies outside Isayas’s power in that he shuts the door on those unwelcomed and widely opens the door on those favored.  His link is an opportunity found to many, opening for them the door widely for everything including regular/irregular businesses, scholarships and travelling.  Many of his favored close friends bounced back from business failures with just his approvals.  His relationship with others is based on never to confuse those that strengthen his power with those that weaken his position.  Thus, using avoidance approach as a means to ignore and discourage those unwanted is designed to enable him to avoid setbacks by shifting shames and failures to others through confrontation