Wake up!!!!!!! Eritrea is reoccupied by Ethiopians!!!!!! Back to armed struggle........there is no other alternative!

While the World is Celebrating the Day of Peace On Sept 21st, Eritreans are longing for Peace and Safety of Their Family Members in Eritrea

21 Sep 2016

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In observance of the International Day of Peace, the world is celebrating this day, the day that was first celebrated in 1982 in dedication to the world peace signifying that everyone has the right to peace, so long one intends to make it a reality.  Since peace comes from inside and from within, it cannot prevail where justice and rights are denied.  It follows that how can there be peace when poverty is enforced and the power of hatred and rule of tyranny has overcome the peace of the land. Only by ending destruction and tyranny, the peace in Eritrea can prevail by giving peace to whole country as well as permitting the return of all refugees to participate in nation building.