Wake up!!!!!!! Eritrea is reoccupied by Ethiopians!!!!!! Back to armed struggle........there is no other alternative!

Eritrea as A Failed state

13 Sep 2016

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Is Eritrea a failed state or is there a possibility to save tha nation from being a Failed state? According to different media outlets Eritrean Politics and Economy is as this stage beyond repair.The regime in Eritrea has no intention whatsoever to change its policy.Issayas has told us “ shamelessly I we meet after 50 years! ” and he meant it if you read between the lines, however a guy with a pen name FORO 12 has told us publicly that the PFDJ and its Young PFDJ are butterflies and no more than rhetorics.I wish I could believe FOROleaks! It is however nice to hear stories of failure of the tyrannic regime and its leaders and offsprings. The so called Seleya and tzere Selaya(Spionage and counter siopnage)  of the regime according to the Big Fish FORO12.The killings of more than 6600 Eritren Fighters and recruits and civilians including businessmen and women is really a disaster to the nation.