Eritrea Desperate for a Savior and not for a one more Opportunist!

14 Jul 2016

The EriMedia Watch Group released the following statement with regard to Mr. Eyob G Selassie’s inciting campaign. In his YouTube channel, Mr. Eyob G Selassie (aka ተስፋጽዬን), another evangelist, gives himself the right to harass and hurt fellow Eritrean Muslims and other peace loving citizens and never hesitates to cause them inconvenience and to distract our attention by harming the harmonious relationship that existed for centuries with the dagger of his tongue, by using derogatory language, by slandering them and by making false accusations against them. For his evil act, he has so far earned more than 500 subscribers to his youtube channel and quite a lot of thumbs ups from many of his followers in less than 3 months time.