Monkey Business and the Baboon's outright lies to the UN

03 Jul 2016

The late Doctor Tewolde Tesfamariam (wedi Vacaro) told us one time in between our chat, that Isayas Afewerki had a meeting with the Mafia in Milan, and this innocent Doctor told him, “Mr President you are dealing with a dangerous group of people in Italy and the result would be disasterous to the Eritrean people in the futre” and the President answered without doubt that he, Never Thought in his right mind about the well being og the Eritrean People!” Wou said the good old Doctor Tewolde, I will never sit in this meeting if it hurts to the Eritrea, I will wash my hands as Pilates” and “I shall Never..Never have any dealings with these group,you can do what ever you want you can take all my Capital in Asmara and I would never have to do any thing with you or government”,and he said this was the turning point in their relation.