Wake up!!!!!!! Eritrea is reoccupied by Ethiopians!!!!!! Back to armed struggle........there is no other alternative!

Eritrean Refugee Tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea as Eritreans Celebrate the 25th Independence Day Anniversary

14 Jun 2016


It was just about two weeks ago that we celebrated the independence day of Eritrea; the day that, through the blood, sweet and tremendous sacrifices of her people, Eritrea became an independent country, 25- years ago on May 24, 1991.  All over the globe, Eritreans gathered to celebrate the momentous day of independence, most importantly, however, the gatherings were to mourn, remember and pay respect to the many Eritreans that have lost and continue to loss their lives in the torture chambers of the prisons of Eritrea, in the hands of the human traffickers in the Sahara and Sanai Deserts, and in the merciless seas of the Mediterranean and Red Seas. These were also gatherings to say enough to the suffering and the inhuman condition that the Eritreans are under in their country and out of their country in search of a better life for them and for their families.   These gatherings were also remembrances of the death of over 300 Eritreans that lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea at the shores of Lampedusa, Italy, in October 2013.