Eritrean Tragedy and PFDJ damage Control

15 Apr 2016

Previous rulers in Eritrea committed an untold crimes against our people. The Italian fascists have killed as many as 2000 people in Massawa and left the
bodies of their victims to decay in the heat of the outskirts of the villages of katumia, Umkulu and Hirgigo in the year 1890-ties, there are also stories of untold number of Eritrean killed by the Ottoman Turk soldiers and Egyptians similar crimes in the Red Sea coast during their invasion earlier than the Italian occupation of the coastline areas. We all remember the Ona carnage by the Ethiopian occupying forces and again the Wekiduba, Hirgigo, Emberemi massacres, and 2 times Eilet murders using Tanks
and heavy artillery killing women, children even old men and blind.