Eritrean Christians Call for Day of Prayer for Church Leader Under ...

18 Sep 2017

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Eritrean Christians are calling for Monday to be marked as a day of prayer and fasting, as Patriarch Antonios of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, who has been ...

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Eritreans call for day of prayer over continued fears of Church leader’s freedom

17 Sep 2017

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He has been under house arrest since January 2007, after being removed from office, in violation of canon law, for repeatedly objecting to government interference in ecclesiastical affairs.

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02 Jul 2017

As June and July are notoriously known for radical events in history, June of the current year has witnessed a sudden declaration by three Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, supported by Egypt and blessed by their new sponsor (President Donald Trump),  severing their diplomatic relations with their neighbour Qatar; the diplomatic rupture immediately turning into a full-fledged blockade imposed on  Qatar, in a way similar to the one on Gaza Strip (by Israel and Egypt); something unprecedented in depth and breadth in inter-Arab relations.

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17 Sep 2017

The imprisoned EPLF fighters who were executed in Halewa Sewra "Gestapo" section of the EPLF prison, and for those who were killed or mysteriously disappeared in the 1970s and 1980s

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Open Letter

13 Sep 2017

Two Complex prison centers And it’s inhuman Treatment  The United Eritrean Democratic Front – UEDF has sent an appeal to the United Nations UN, the European Union EU and The African Union AU concerning two complex prison centers and its inhuman treatments.

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Bay Area Eritrean for Democratic Change

18 Jun 2017

Invites you to a seminar by Mr.Krobm Dafal, founder and fromer manager of Himbol (PFDF foreign currence trading company) and red sea Corporation (a.k.a "09") and formaer Head of Eritrean National Treasury

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Sudan Deports 30 Young Eritrean Asylum Seekers - UNHCR

08 Sep 2017

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Sudan-deports-Eritreans September 7, 2017 - The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) Deputy Representative for Sudan, Elizabeth Tan, stated that her agency is ...

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Djibouti accuses Eritrea of occupying disputed territory after Qatar ...

17 Jun 2017

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ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Djibouti accused neighboring Eritrea on Friday of occupying disputed territory along their border after Qatar withdrew its ...

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06 Sep 2017

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One of the Eritrean government’s scores of detention centers is the infamous Mai Temenay detention complex. The structure consisting of horror cells underground dungeons, and specialized torture annexes. It is located inside the city of Asmara, in the division known as Mai Temenay.

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Eritrea sides with Gulf nations against Qatar

13 Jun 2017

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DOHA, Qatar: Eritrea has expressed support for Saudi Arabia and its allies after they cut ties with Qatar. The Eritrean Information Ministry’s statement of support on Monday came despite its previously close ties with energy-rich Qatar.

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Africa's North Korea: Reporting From Eritrea, the Land of No ...

13 Jun 2017

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On September 18, 2001, as the world reeled from the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York and international attention focused on the United States, the president of a tiny African country decided journalists were no longer needed in his country.

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Eritrea rebels struggle as government allies with Gulf states

03 Sep 2017

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UN figures show 5,000 people are leaving Eritrea every month to escape political repression, violence and poverty. Armed opposition groups ...

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26 Aug 2017

In education, we use the adjectives “TIMED” and “UNTIMED” in relation to assignments and exams we give to students as traditional tools to assess learning. As no one needs to be an educator in order to know these terms, there is no need to explain what they mean. Nonetheless, for the Eritrean opposition that lives in an idealistic world, the duty of bringing change is an “UNTIMED” assignment or open until the doomsday.


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Inna Lillah Wa Inna Eillahi Raje'oon

08 Jun 2017

Our beloved uncle Nurhussien Mohammed Hagos Abera had passed away this morning, June 6th of 2017, after a prolonged illness. He will be buried tomorrow, June 8th, in Maryland (Washington DC area).

Mr. Nurhussein Abera graduated with a degree in law from the University of Cairo in 1953, which led him to become a prominent intellectual of his day. The presence, the guidance and the inspirations of my dearest uncle will be remembered by me now and forever.


He was one of Asmarino Jeberti’s and among few students who graduated in Law School from University of Cairo in 1953. He and his late brother, Dr. Yassin Mohammed Hagos Abera, have acquired remarkable reputations as scholars.


He and Dr. Yassin had a plan to change the education system for young Eritreans  and provide them a high quality education. But, due to the political situation at the time, the Haile Sellasie Regime had deprived Eritreans of the opportunity to  pursue quality education.


Nurhussien Aberra was known to encourage young Eritrean Muslims to pursue their education. When the Eritrean politics became worse and worse, he had migrated to USA.



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Police use water cannon on Eritrean migrants in Rome

25 Aug 2017

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Italian riot police turned a water cannon on Eritrean and Ethiopian migrants in Rome on Thursday, scattering them from a piazza where they had camped for five ...

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Merger-An Example to be followed by All Political and Civic Forces

03 Jun 2017

We, the Eritrean Unity for Democratic Change (EUDC) are delighted to hear the long-awaited merger news of the two sisterly organisations- the Eritrean Global Solidarity- EGS and the Eritreans for Facilitating National Dialogue-EFND.

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Eritrean priest in Italy denies 'people smuggling'

17 Aug 2017

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Don Mussie Zerai has lived in Italy for more than 25 years, since fleeing Eritrea as a teenager. He says he regularly receives calls from distressed migrants ...

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26 May 2017

Today the PFDJ and its dihard members are giving a big party to Foreigners and their likes.Twenty Six (26years)of slavery for those children of the Heroic fighters who brought the Flag to Asmara. Which flag is still not answered but it is a matter of convinience.The Blue coloured Flag of the Federation Era is flying in the Eritrean Diasphora homes, while the other 4 coloured of the PFDJ is all over Eritrean territories. It is not relevant to talk about the colour and contours of Flags in Eritrea, while the basic peoples necessities and needs are no where to get.

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Interview with Prof Bereket Habte Selassie

11 Aug 2017

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Press Release:

25 May 2017

The Joint Transitional Leadership for the merger of:-Eritreans for Facilitating National Dialogue-EFND and Eritrean Global Solidarity- EGS The Joint Transitional Leadership for the merger of:- Eritreans for Facilitating National Dialogue-EFND and Eritrean Global Solidarity- EGS

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Eritrean children who cross borders and deserts alone

06 Aug 2017

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“The main reason I left was poverty,” Yobieli says. But in Eritrea, poverty and politics are deeply intertwined. “My family was poor because my father was a soldier ...

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01 Aug 2017

An Eritrean man grieves over the body of his brother. When the rescue team boarded their ship, four lifeless bodies were carried up from the hold. Last year, the death toll on the sea route between Libya and Italy reached 4,579—the highest on record.

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A View Into the Eritrean Regime

14 May 2017

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Eritreans were told and taught extensively through media, seminars, and training that they are unique, while the 'Sawa' military training along with other social networks are hugely invested in creating false sense of identity in the minds of Eritreans. As a result, they started to believe that the international community stand against them and their country. The foreign policy of Eritrea is, thus, designed to spread mistrust and hatred upon the next door countries. And, the citizens are made to think that way too. After this, Eritrea begun to be ruled at will. Then, the current agonies begun to take roots.

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Eritrean Popular Movements towards Inclusive political participation and representation

28 Jul 2017

The struggle from dictatorship to democracy depends on its ownership expressed through its meaningful participation to affirm this it needs democratic institutions and campaign strategy and grand strategy. The goal of the struggle from dictatorship to democracy is clear to remove the dictatorship from its deep roots and system and lay foundations for democratic system and democratic society.

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UAE accused of air strikes against Eritrean Afar civilians

12 May 2017

UAE military jets (WAM Photo)

May 11, 2017 (ADDIS ABABA) - An Eritrean opposition group on Thursday accused the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of bombing ethnic Afar fishermen on ...

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Eritrean artists are defecting to seek new lives in Australia

20 Jul 2017

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Said Abdella (sometimes spelled as Saeed or Seid) is one of many Eritrean artists who've been sent to Australia by the Eritrean government with the objective of disseminating their propaganda. Now he has defected. As he seeks asylum, he is now speaking out against the government that previously controlled everything he said.

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08 May 2017

We learn that some of the misled foot soldiers of the ruling gang in Eritrea are busy since last month, working hard to let some naïve and clueless Eritrean citizens believe that the Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders for the year 2017,

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Israel is aimed at coaxing Eritrean migrants to leave

18 Jul 2017

Nine years ago, Teklit Michael fled Eritrea to avoid military conscription, survived a perilous journey across the Sinai peninsula and sought asylum in Israel.

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Arrested Eritrean Patriarch Makes First Appearence in Decade at Sunday Mass

18 Jul 2017

For the first time since being placed under house arrest in 2007, the legitimate patriarch of the Eritrean Orthodox Church made a public appearance and participated in a mass at St. Mary's Cathedral in Asmara on Sunday, according to an international human rights organization.

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For African migrants, 'extreme vetting' from US to Europe slams the ...

02 May 2017

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It has arrested and deported hundreds of Eritrean migrants, even though it knew that the Eritreans would be subject to persecution in their home country.

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Petition Against Eritrean Government’s deceptive Festival in Seattle, Washington

17 Jul 2017

We, The undersigned, United Eritreans in the state of Washington, are writing this petition  in order to  stop the  upcoming Eritrean government’s glamorous Festival, scheduled for August 11-13, 2017, in Seattle, Washington,

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20 Apr 2017

Bulldozing houses in Eritrea was not a crime that started in March 2015.  Prior to that, Keren and Hashala were among those badly hit by the regime’s bulldozers, leaving thousands of citizens without any shelter and with wounded dignity. Even our port city of Massawa, its centuries-old historical palace, and some of its houses, known to UNESCO as a part of the Eritrean cultural heritage, had their share of demolition before and after the turn of the century. Here we need to stop and briefly see the significance of the demolished houses and structure in the port city of Massawa.

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Every day Eritrean refugees make the perilous journey across the border into Ethiopia

15 Jul 2017

About 80 per cent of the refugee population at Hitsats are under 35. Photograph: James Jeffrey

Each night along the border of arid hills, Eritreans cautiously move through the terrain's dead ground out of sight of their own military to escape into Ethiopia's ...

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The famine the Eritrean government doesn't want you to know about

20 Apr 2017

A devastating famine has hit the Horn of Africa. El Nino has taken a terrible toll on the people across the region and Eritrea is no exception. The coming famine ...

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Rome, the Eritrean ambassador attacked in the street

08 Jul 2017

amba fetsahatsionRome, July 6 - Eritrea's ambassador to Italy was hurt in an attack by co-nationals in a street in Rome's Castro Pretorio district late Wednesday, police said Thursday. The envoy, Fesshazion Pietros, was hurt in the right hand while an aide with him had his cheekbone broken, they said. Police immediately caught on of the two assailants and are looking for the other.

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