Ethiopian PM setting his war over “Red Sea” agenda in public , Eritrea yet to respond (with full video)

In July of this year, there was credible information that Abiy Ahmed was entertaining the idea of going to war against Eritrea after deploying a huge portion of his defense force in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Borkena wrote an editorial under the title “No reason for war with Eritrea, Ethiopians need to reject any move in that direction”   

Now Abiy Ahmed is openly discussing the issue of access to the Red Sea – a matter that would fall within the realm of Eritrean sovereignty as  things stand now – as he continues to wage brutal war in the Amhara region of Ethiopia where hundreds of civilians are already killed. From the report from local sources, much of the war in the past few days was between Fano forces and militia forces who are fighting for the government – perhaps reserving his defense force for the projected war against Eritrea.  

“What I wanted to talk to you today is regarding water; regarding the Red Sea water,” Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is seen saying to his members of government in a video, from his meeting with his party officials,  released by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC)

He added, “How do we see it; what is our thinking?! Is this thinking right or not right, is it viable or not?” 

He framed the agenda as something that has nothing to do with his ruling party. It is a matter of national interest ; it is a matter for the people, he said. 

His war agenda on the Red Sea and Amhara started to appear on the surface after the Pretoria Agreement that “ended” the war with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). There are speculations, and they appear to make sense, that  Abiy’s Administration war agenda over the Red Sea is encouraged by external actors with a regime change agenda in Eritrea.  Abiy Ahmed was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize for ending decades of ‘no-peace-no-war’ relation with Eritrea.

While the TPLF has long been pursuing a political project of “Tigray Tigrigne” government that includes the Red Sea, Abiy Ahmed and his Oromummaa elites are said to have a project of an ethnic Oromo Empire with access to the Sea via Assab part of the Red Sea. 

Local news sources, this week, reported that TPLF war generals are preparing their fighters for war. As strange as it sounds, the news came at a time when the Tigray regional government declared a three days of national mourning for the hundreds of thousands of its forces killed during the war with Abiy Ahmed’s government. 

The Eritrean government is yet to remark on Abiy Ahmed’s provocative agenda setting which may mean war against Eritrea. However, Eritrean community members living in the diaspora are saying that it is about time to respond to Abiy Ahmed war agenda over the Red Sea. 

Watch below what Abiy Ahmed had to say from the video featured below