Arabic Language Day Arabic Calligraphy Illustration Vector Eps Allughatu  Alearabia Stock Vector - Illustration of world, type: 221206056I am amazed, as many others, with the uneducated musings of some Eritreans on the comment section of www., under the article USE: The United States of Eritrea, written by Ahmedin Osman and posted on November 28, 2016. The first most close-minded and unenlightened remark says, “Arabic has no root in Eritrea.”  The second reads, “Muslims prefer their religion to national identity...” Is it enough to tell these folks: Please do Eritrea a favour, and keep your mouths shut because Eritrea has enough problems to worry about? I trust, it is not. Essentially, it is important for us, Eritreans, to have a sense of our own history, and know how we came to be what we are today, recommitting to values of respect and inclusion.