The Forgotten - Documentary

A young woman's risky journey to Sudan to tell the stories of the innocent in the refugee camps.The Forgotten will be a feature-length documentary that follows Sabrina Aman on her dangerous journey into the restricted refugee camps in Eastern Sudan. What she uncovered opened her eyes to the conditions that these refugees live in every day. She encountered and was seized by the hostile government that doesn’t allow media to photograph or film footage of the camps, but made it back in one piece to share their stories and to be the international voice for the Eritrean refugee crisis.

Responding the EPDP call for building a common platform of all Forces for Democratic change

This is a paper presented at the seminar under the title, ” Saving the Eritren people and land from totalitarian system of destruction” that was held from 3-10 march 2014 in the capital city of Ethiopia- Addis- Ababa.