More than 100drs of thousands of Eritrean young and old, women and children and also friends of Eritrea died in the war of Independance during the last 30 plus years.Every family has sacrified one or more of its loved children in those dark years of struggle when the world community ignored our cry and even some supper powers supported and supplied the mighty military of Ethiopia.The USA Marine and army supported the Ethiopian monarchy with all kinds of heavy and light armours, plus planes flying in the Eritrean sky helped with sofisticated spying, and gave a Special reconnaissance(SR), which changed in one way or the other the power balance in the fields.

The last war!

The UN commission of inquiry last week’s announcement was a massive smack to the regime in Eritrea. Not only that the report has left them disgraced in front of the international community, yet it has also caused frustration to the point that they became so hostile in dealing with the world .All they have been doing was overreacting out of fear. No wonder then waging war with Ethiopia can be a technique used by PFDJ to divert the world’s attention away from the serious charges of grave human rights violations against the regime. But full scale war, for a country that has been languishing for many years, would be unbearable and can have the risk of self breakdown.

Warmongering and the fate of our Youth (Eritrean Youth)

“Eritrea and Ethiopia should settle their boarder dispute,said UN General Secretary.” Eritrean government is an illegal and unrepresentative to the Nation, however so far all the wars committed are only decided by one man and his foot soldiers. As if the 30 years of protracted war for Independence is not enough, the regime has built a military state of which 10% of the school age and senior members of the population are engaged in military drills and carrying arms. The main reason given to these army of non proffessional soldiers, is that the country is in No War No Peace situation with our neighbours, mainly with our southern neighbour Ethiopia. This position was created to sustain his power in the country and to spoil all developments in the Horn of African countries, including Djibouti.